I tried being with others and it’s so easy to be with them, actually it’s not because I feel nothing with them, they just help numb the pain. You, however, I can’t easily surrender to because if I do all my pain, love and passion will break the surface and explode in my stomach. When I kiss you I get lost in the moment, I forget myself, I forget there’s you and all I can think of is us as one. Our bodies don’t clash, they unite, they become one; I see myself in you and you in myself.

PS. If I surrender to you I want it to be the last, so I’m saving it for when we won’t part again.

Faded Away


“I am dying” she said

“Why, what is your sickness?” he asked

“It’s not my body that’s dying, it’s my soul. I used to be a person
full of passions; when I did something I gave it all my heart and love.
Now that love has gone, and all that’s left is numbness and emptiness.
I do things with carelessness. My passion is fading away. Mmm let
me correct that, it Faded away.”

“What about the people you love?”

“Well I still love them but not with the immense passion I used to feel.”

My threes


“For you, I would throw a shoe at them or bite them to whoever harms you,

but with you, I would go to the scariest places because I know you would look out for me

and I would be safe. And you my love, I would kill for you, I would travel the world just to be with you.”

Mother-Daughter thing


I lay down utterly miserable
My pieces scattering over the bed sheets
She strokes my hair & lays next to me
I can feel her breathe over my shoulders
And it all comes back to me
It’s just another series of miserable
Thoughts and my pieces are back together
And I feel blessed by Her presence
Her love beyond reason brings Me back



She was fire, wind, and water combined.
She was the strongest element in my life;
I used to call her my backbone.
I say “was” because she left unwillingly.
She joins me in my dreams but then again
I can never tell her the things I wish to say.
My tongue gets caught up with excitement
but the best part of these dreams is we
always sit in silence and look at each other with